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Give your SME a corporate boast with simplified CAC business name registration. We deliver within a few days anywhere in Nigeria at the best rate with FREE business support services from our experts consultants.

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21,000 30,000

14 to 21 Business Days Delivery


Suitable for small starter businesses.

  • Professional legal documents
  • business name suggestions
  • Basic customer Support
  • FREE Nationwide Delivery
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25,500 30,000

10 to 14 Business Days Delivery


Suitable for small starter businesses.

  • Professional legal documents
  • 30 Minutes Business Consulting*
  • FREE TIN Certificate*
  • Business Name Suggestions
  • Corporate Account Opening
  • FREE Nationwide Delivery
  • Standard Customer Support
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Premium Express

45,000 50,000

5 to 9 Business Days Guaranteed Delivery


Suitable for small starter businesses.

  • Professional legal documents
  • 1 Hour FREE Business Consulting*
  • FREE TIN Certificate
  • Business Name Suggestions
  • Corporate Account Opening
  • FREE Nationwide Delivery
  • FREE SMEDAN Registration
  • Priority Customer Support
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Most Reliable CAC Business Name Registration Agency in Nigeria.

  • Professional Service: We have 15+ years experience in CAC Business Name Registration and we have supported over 7,000 SMEs to succeed.

  • Options: We have flexible pricing and bundle plans with easy payment options that will fit your budget as well as optional support services.

  • Guaranteed Delivery: We will deliver your documents on time so you can meet your deadlines.

All Features

Let our Best Experts handle your Business Name Registration for you.

Focus on running your actual business while we handle stressful part of setting the company up.

  • All legal and corporate issues handled by our experts
  • Business name suggestions
  • FREE business consulting*
  • Handled by Accredited CAC Consultants
  • Choose your delivery timeline
  • FREE Nationwide Delivery
  • No hidden charges or surprises
  • Company Name Availability Guarranty
  • Free TIN Registration with Certificate
  • Affordable Prices
  • Installment Payment Options Available
  • FREE Corporate Account Opening
  • Free Tax Consulting^ Business Registration Reviews

Customers Success Story

How we Helped Sandra Launch Her Dream Company

The ease with which my company registration was done is mind-blowing. The work was completely taken out of my hand. On top of that, I was given additional consulting services at no extra charge. Starthub is not just after the cash but truly want to help customers have a smooth Business Startup Experience.

More Customers Reviews

Over 7500 Customers Cannot be Wrong

Starthub provided excellent company registration service for my startups in Nigeria. They also have impressive business solutions - logos, websites, Nigeria-specific marketing, advertising strategies that work etc. For me, service was prompt (no African time), affordable (way cheaper than using the usual lawyers), excellent customer service and followup. Highly recommended
David Greatman
Awesome services. Awesome customer Care. Delivered on time. If you're looking to register your business is all you need
Enaho Murphy
Henaho Lab Ltd, Lagos
Fanatasic people, if you want anything relating to business set up, advert, logo name them, they are one of the best.
Asolia Pepple
TK & JA Ltd, Lagos
I am quite satisfied with the performance of this organisation. I can confidently say that they know what they are doing, despite some unforeseen circumstances they were still able to deliver my service within the specified time.
Esther Obajobi
Setok Energy, Ile-Ife
Awesome service and prompt delivery!
Mohammed Salami
Profatomids Farm Consult, Minna

Frequently Asked Questions

Over 11,500 Small Businesses in Nigeria rely on us for their business launch and growth.

How does the Business Name Registration Service work?
Once you've selected the plan that's right for you, we will assign a Consultant to you who will talk with you and get all your details for the business name registration through a simple checklist.

Once we have your details, we get your company name approved and handle the documentation of all legal documents for the registration which we will submit to you for final vetting. Once you have vetted the documents, we will make submissions and follow up the final approval with the Corporate Affairs Commission

As soon as your certificate and other Certified True Copy documents are ready, our delivery partners will pick them up and deliver to your address. And the best part is that it will be done in 2-4 weeks, depending on your order option.
Why do I need CAC business name registration for my business?
Whether you are just starting a new small business or wants to give side hustle or home business a corporate image, registering your business name with the Corporate Affairs Commission is your first step in proving to your customers that you are not just a road-side hustler but a serious business person they can rely on. For starters, CAC company registration in Nigeria offers you the following benefits:

Develop a unique identity and compete with bigger businesses.
Build a corporate image and earn more trust and credibility.
Protect your business and personal assets.
Structure your business for growth.
Get access to funding and investment opportunities.

Be it small freelance business, digital brand, an online store or even a general merchandise business, we have accredited CAC agents with more than 15 years experience in small business registration.
Why Should I Trust's Business Name Registration Experts?
Because you will be making use of our over 15 years experience in company incorporation. is currently the biggest ONLINE provider of CAC support service in Nigeria and has delivered thousand of company registrations to customers across Nigeria. We have expertise on all areas of incorporation across different industries and our platform has remained the Number Online Business Consulting platform for over 3 years. You can check our rank on Alexa and other Online Metrics and Trust platforms and also read our customers reviews. We are not just an online company though, we operate the largest Digital/Tech business hub in Calabar and we are currently working on opening other hubs in major cities in Nigeria.
When will my Business Name Registration documents be delivered?
Business Name registrations are typically delivered between 2 weeks to 4 weeks depending on your order class. Standard deliveries takes about four weeks; Express deliveries takes about 2 weeks while Basic deliveries takes about 6 weeks. We usually like customers to discuss their deadlines with us when making an order to enable us plan the project accordingly. This is because, we rely on other agencies such as The Corporate Affairs Commission, to be able to deliver business name registrations and these agencies can sometimes delay the process and by so doing shift the deadlines. Whatever the issue with these agencies, we have the right relationships to follow-up and ensure speedy approvals and also provide quality feedback on the process to customers.
Why Should I choose a Business Name Registration instead of a Limited Liability Company Incorporation
There are a number of difference between registering a business name and incorporating a Limited Liability company

For starters, here are some advantages of a Business Name compared with a Company Incorporation:

1. A business name is easier to register and therefore more affordable than a Limited liability company.
2. A business name can be registered by an individual. (The new Companies and Allied Matters Acts, 2020 will also empower individuals to become sole owners of companies).
3. You don't need to be familiar with all the corporate issues associated with companies like shareholding, setting up board of directors, share capital requirements, etc.
What are the Requirements for Business Registration?
There are a number of requirements for incorporating a limited liability company in Nigeria. Sometimes, these requirements and procedures can seem very demanding and confusing. That's why we are here: to take all the stress off you by doing all the work for you including helping you with a suitable company name and drafting the company's Memorandum and Articles of Incorporation. We only require to have the following:

1. An idea of the type of business you want to incorporate.
2. A valid government issued identification.
3. A business operating address and other contact information.

Once you have ordered our business registration service, we will send you a simple checklist to enable us commence the process.
Will I Need a Lawyer for the Business Name Registration?
Unless you already have a company lawyer, who can collaborate with us, you do not need an outside lawyer when using our service. works with experience legal experts who are assisted by tech guru's and business development consultants to help businesses succeed. If you like you can order our retainer consulting service and you will be just fine.
How much Share Capital do I need when incorporating my company?
For a small or starter private limited liability company, a share capital of 10,000 to 1 million suffices. For more specialised businesses, a higher share capital is required. For example, a security company requires a minimum of 10 million share capital; a maritime company requires 25 million share capital while a finance company requires minimum 20 million share capital.
Will I pay renewal fees for the business name registration?
The CAC charges what is called "Annual Returns" which is paid annually, from the following year after business name registration. This fee is around 3,000 naira (some agencies may have service charges when processing this on your behalf).
How will I sign my Business Name Registration Documents?
You don't need to worry about how to sign your hard copy business name documents. We will accept digital signatures on the documents and use same to process your cac business name documents.
What if my proposed business name is already taken?
You don't need to worry about name availability when using our company incorporation service. Once you have made an order, we will go ahead and secure the name as well as register it for you. In the unlikely event that your name is in use by someone else, our Consultants will help you tweak the name in the format the CAC will approve while retaining the main substance of the original name, at no extra cost to you.
Can I upgrade a business name to a Limited Liability Company in the Future?
You can always upgrade from a Business name to a Limited Liability company at anytime of your choosing. However, this may take more time and money than registering a new company depending on the type of upgrade you are doing. There are two types of upgrade or conversion: Direct and indirect. Indirect conversion involves adding one or two words to the already existing business name. In this case the CAC see the upgrade as registering a new company. The cost for this is the same as a new company Incorporation. Direct conversion means you use the same name and only add "LTD" at the end. This will require closing down the business name and then applying for the conversion. This may cost double the time and fees of registering a new company.

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* Free business support services and Free business consulting is limited to free business startup advise, drafting company memorandum and articles of association, business name suggestion, corporate account opening, TIN Certificate processing, access to shared workspace and shared support staff at our physical locations.
** You should have at least 3 limited liability companies with the same directors/shareholders to qualify to incorporate a group of companies in Nigeria.
^ FREE tax consulting refers to a limited time with a Consultant on basic tax compliance guides and Tax Identification Number processing.

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