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Whatever your idea or company formation needs, we have the right options for you. Our straightforward and flexible pricing ensures we accommodate your budget without compromising quality service.

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We have 15+ years of experience in business launch and we have supported over 25,000 SMEs to succeed.

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You can also pay in two installments of ₦250,000 each, totaling ₦500,000.




You can also pay in two installments of ₦15,000 each, totalling ₦300,000.




You can also pay in two installments of ₦75,000 each, totaling ₦150,000




You can also pay in two installments of ₦45,000 each, totaling ₦90,000




You can also pay in two installments of ₦30,000 each, totaling ₦60,000

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Our company launch package is ideal for a single or multi-director companies in the following industries.

Companies into specialised services such as finance, insurance, corporate consulting, travel and tours, shipping, freight forwarding, etc will require custom quote

Do you want to launch a Company Limited by Guarantee?

If you want to launch a professional organisation, Research Institute, University or elite NGO, you need our Social Entreprise Package

Over 17,000 Businesses in Nigeria rely on us for their business launch and growth.

"I appreciate your speedy service delivery. I never thought my company incorporation could be completed so quickly. The consultant assigned to me was prompt and honest in responding to all my requests. I will continue to recommend your services to others."

Adasu Titus

7-4-7 Logistics Waves Limited, Abuja

Fanatasic people, if you want anything relating to business set up, advert, logo name them, they are one of the best.

Asolia Pepple

TK & JA Ltd, Lagos

Splendid! My expectations were exceeded. They delivered. Great job!

Jolomi Amorighoye

Kadima Farms Limited, Lagos

Awesome services. Awesome customer Care. Delivered on time.If you're looking to register your business is all you need

Enaho Murphy

Henaho Lab Ltd, Lagos

Got questions? Well, we've got all the answers

How does Company Registration in Nigeria work through's Experts?

Once you’ve selected the plan that’s right for you, we will assign a Consultant who will talk with you and get all your details for the company incorporation.

As soon as we have your details, we get your company name approved and handle the documentation of all legal documents for the incorporation which we will submit to you for final vetting. After you vet the drafts, we will make submissions and follow up the final approval with the Corporate Affairs Commission

When your certificate and other Certified True Copy documents are ready, we will deliver the documents electronically. And the best part is that it will be done in 1-4 weeks, depending on your order option.

Why do I need CAC business name registration for my business?

Whether you are just starting a new company or upgrading an existing small entreprise to a company, incorporating your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission is your first step in proving to your customers that you are not just a road-side hustler but a serious business person they can rely on. For starters, CAC company registration in Nigeria offers you the following benefits: 

Develop a unique identity and compete with bigger businesses.
Build a corporate image and earn more trust and credibility.
Protect your business and personal assets.
Structure your business for growth.
Get access to funding and investment opportunities.

Be it small private limited liability company incorporation or a specialised company in industries like banking, fintech, security, consulting or general contracts, we have accredited CAC agents with more than 15 years experience in company incorporation.

Why Should I Trust's Company Incorporation Experts?

Because you will be making use of our over 15 years experience in company incorporation. is currently the biggest ONLINE provider of CAC support service in Nigeria and has delivered thousand of company registrations to customers across Nigeria. We have expertise on all areas of incorporation across different industries and our platform has remained the Number Online Business Consulting platform for over 3 years. You can check our rank on Alexa and other Online Metrics and Trust platforms and also read our customers reviews. We are not just an online company though, we operate the largest Digital/Tech business hub in Calabar and we are currently working on opening other hubs in major cities in Nigeria.

Why Should I choose a Limited Liability Company instead of an Entreprise?

There are lots of advantages of incorporating a Limited Liability company instead of a business name registration:

1. A Limited liability company is a legal entity and provides corporate identity and legal protection against liabilities.
2. If you are going into partnership with other people or bringing in investors, a company incorporation provide more clarity about ownership and possession for its stakeholders and a broader legal framework to protect you and the business.
3. A limited liability company has more expansion capability than a business name as it can accommodate and integrate more business activities and objects.
4. Some industries require that businesses are only formalised as companies. Examples are banking, corporate consulting, security, insurance, shipping, finance, bureau de change, etc.
5. Some organisations will take you more serious when entering into business relationships with you if you are a company than if you are a small entreprise.

What are the Requirements for Business Registration?

There are a number of requirements for incorporating a limited liability company in Nigeria. Sometimes, these requirements and procedures can seem very demanding and confusing. That’s why we are here: to take all the stress off you by doing all the work for you including helping you with a suitable company name and drafting the company’s Memorandum and Articles of Incorporation. We only require to have the following:

1. An idea of the type of business you want to incorporate.
2. A valid government issued identification.
3. A business operating address and other contact information.

Once you have ordered our business registration service, we will send you a simple checklist to enable us commence the process.

How much Share Capital do I need when incorporating my company?

For a small or starter private limited liability company, a share capital of 10,000 to 1 million suffices. For more specialised businesses, a higher share capital is required. For example, a security company requires a minimum of 10 million share capital; a maritime company requires 25 million share capital while a finance company requires minimum 20 million share capital.

Will I pay renewal fees for the company incorporation?

The CAC charges what is called “Annual Returns” which is paid annually, from the following year after company incorporation. This fee is around 5,000 naira (some agencies may have service charges when processing this on your behalf).

How will I sign my company Incorporation Documents?

You don’t need to worry about how to sign your hard copy incorporation documents. We will accept digital signatures on the documents and use same to process your cac company documents.

What if my proposed company name is already taken?
You don’t need to worry about name availability when using our company incorporation service. Once you have made an order, we will go ahead and secure the name as well as register it for you. In the unlikely event that your name is in use by someone else, our Consultants will help you tweak the name in the format the CAC will approve while retaining the main substance of the original name, at no extra cost to you.

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