Secure Your Future with a Digital Business Skill

Learn how to use tech and digital tools/opportunities to start, run and grow your business

Digital/Tech Business Skills Masterclasses

Digital Business Masterclass

3 Weeks

Everything you need to launch and scale a digital product or platform

₦350,000 only

₦195,000 only

Startup Masterclass

3 Weeks

Everything you need to get your business ideas to launch

₦125,000 only

₦60,000 only

Blogging for Business Masterclass

3 Weeks

Everything you need to start a successful blog

₦150,000 only

₦75,000 only

Social Media for Business Masterclass

3 Weeks

Everything you need to grow your business with social media

₦250,000 only

₦175,000 only

Professional Programs

WordPress Web Development Professional

16 Weeks

Learn WordPress with professional certification

₦215,000 only

₦175,000 only

Digital Marketing Professional

9 Weeks

Learn Digital Marketing with professional certification

₦275,000 only

₦195,500 only

Graphic/Brand Design Professional

12 Weeks

Learn Graphics Designs with professional certification

₦185,000 only

₦150,000 only

Multimedia Design Professional

15 Weeks

Learn Multimedia designs with professional certification

₦350,000 only

₦290,000 only

Executive Fast-track & Soft Skills Courses

Facebook for Business

1 Week

Learn how to grow your business with social media

₦75,000 only

₦50,000 only

Digital/Tech Skills

1 Week

Learn the basis of digital skills.

₦50,000 only

₦35,500 only

Graphics Design

1 Week

Learn Graphics Designs from the experts

₦85,000 only

₦60,000 only


1 Week

Scale your online business with SEO and SEM

₦150,000 only

₦125,00 only

Affordable Premium Co-working and Private Office Spaces

At Starthub, you will get an affordable shared workspace and executive office suite with all the facilities you have always wanted:
[+] Constant Power Supply
[+] Fast Internet Connection
[+] Serene Working Environment
[+] Comfortable Shared Workstations/Private Offices
[+] Fully Furnished Office Facilities
[+] Access to our Board Room and Conference/Training Centre

Pricing + Plans

One time fee. No hidden charges or surprises


25,500 30,000

Also known as Business Names. Suitable for small starter businesses.

  • Professional Legal Documentations
  • 30 Minutes Business Consulting
  • Accredited CAC Experts
  • FREE Nationwide delivery
  • Premium support
  • Guaranteed deadline
  • Ready in 10 to 14 business days
Order NowOrder Now

59,500 70,000

Great for General Purpose Private Limited Liability Companies.

  • Professional Legal Documentations
  • 1 Hour Business Consulting
  • Accredited CAC Experts
  • FREE Nationwide delivery
  • Premium support
  • Guaranteed deadline
  • Ready in 14 to 21 business days
Order NowOrder Now

127,500 150,000

Ideal for Churches, NGOs, Clubs, Associations, etc.

  • Professional Legal Documentations
  • 3 Hours Non-Profit Consulting
  • Accredited CAC Experts
  • FREE Nationwide delivery
  • Premium support
  • Guaranteed deadline
  • Ready in 31 to 45 business days
Order NowOrder Now

Multiple Options

Choose between our different workspace options. From shared spaces, premium cubicle workstations office to more comfortable private office facilities and suites.

Furnished with Facilities

Get all the facilities you need to get your office started along with uninterrupted power, high-speed internet, office facilities and other gadgets as well as support staff.

Affordable Rates

Our Shared Spaces starts at 7,500/month while fully furnished office spaces starts at 20,000/month. Additional discounts also apply for quarterly, biannual, and yearly subscriptions.

Networking Platforms

Working at Starthub will provide you with opportunites to connect and collaborate with other startups and freelancers.

Get a Space that meets your needs and budget


Are you a tech enthusiast or student looking for a hub to collaborate with others? Starthub is for you.


Our Shared Workspaces are designed to meet the needs of Freelancers who want to stabillise their hustles.


Need an ultra-modern, fully-furnished office facility for your startup at an amazing rate? Try Starthub.

More Customers Reviews

Over 7500 Customers Cannot be Wrong

Starthub provided excellent company registration service for my startups in Nigeria. They also have impressive business solutions - logos, websites, Nigeria-specific marketing, advertising strategies that work etc. For me, service was prompt (no African time), affordable (way cheaper than using the usual lawyers), excellent customer service and followup. Highly recommended
David Greatman
Awesome services. Awesome customer Care. Delivered on time.If you're looking to register your business stathub.ng is all you need
Enaho Murphy
Henaho Lab Ltd, Lagos
Fanatasic people, if you want anything relating to business set up, advert, logo name them, they are one of the best.
Asolia Pepple
TK & JA Ltd, Lagos
I am quite satisfied with the performance of this organisation. I can confidently say that they know what they are doing, despite some unforeseen circumstances they were still able to deliver my service within the specified time.
Esther Obajobi
Setok Energy, Ile-Ife
Awesome service and prompt delivery!
Mohammed Salami
Profatomids Farm Consult, Minna
company registration in nigeria

We love to help. Seriously.

Big, small, online, offline, local or other. Size doesn't matter. We work on diverse projects for top brands as well as for cool startups. Check out some of our favorites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Over 7000 Entrepreneurs in Nigeria, rely on us for their business launch.

  • Why Should I Trust Starthub.ng

    Starthub is currently the biggest ONLINE provider of CAC support service in Nigeria and has delivered hundreds of business registrations to customers accross Nigeria.

  • How Long Does Delivery Take?

    Our Business Registration service takes an average of 5 to 21 business days depending on the type of business (entreprise or LLC) and the nature of the order (Standard or Express).

  • How Do I Make an Order?

    To make an order, simply choose one of the business registration options and click on “Order Registration”. Complete the billing information and make either full payment or 30% deposit and a CAC Consultant will contact you within 3 working hours to commence your business registration process. You can also make an order via Chat by click on the “Chat with a Consultant” button below.

  • How is Starthub.ng's Process Like?

    Our process very simple. Once you have activated your order by means of payment, one of our Consultants will be assigned to you. The consultant will get all your business details and get one of your name options approved before proceeding to draft all the registration documents. Once you have vetted the draft, the documents are electronically signed and submitted. As soon as your certificate and other Certified True Copy documents are ready, our delivery partners picks it up and deliver to your address.

  • Are there any extra charges or hidden fees?

    There is no extra charge or hidden fees. At Starthub.ng we know that customers hate surprises and we take customers’ trust seriously. Once you have made payment, everything, including business consulting, documentation, additional charges on unapproved name searches as well as courier is included.

  • What are the Requirements for Business Registration?

    Since our team do all the work for you, including drafting all the legal documents, completing all the forms, etc, there are really no requirements per se. The basic thing is to have a Valid means of ID. Any of these ID Cards are accepted: International Passport, National ID Card, Drivers’ License or Permanent Voter’s Card. Once you have made an order, we will send you a Checklist. Nothing serious just stuffs like your business name, nature of business, business operating address, etc.

  • Which Do I Need: Business Name or a LLC?

    There are several differences between a business name and a limited liability company registration: 1. LLC are legal entities (recognised legal individuals separate from the owners) while business name is not. 2. In the case of liabilities, LLC is better than BN since the liability of the business will not cross over to the individual possessions of it owners. 3. LLC is better when entering into a partnership with people since the Memorandum and Articles of Association stipulate who owns what, etc. 4. LLC has more expansion capability than a Limited 5. Starting with a BN is good if you want to start really small and have very little capital 6. Many government agencies and big companies will prefer to award contracts to LLCs than BNFor a more detail explanation on this, kindly read our blog article: Differences between a Business Name and a Limited Liability Company Registration

  • Can I upgrade a LLC to a Business Name Later?

    You can always upgrade from a Business name to a Limited Liability company at anytime of your choosing.However, this may take more time and money than registering a new company depending on the type of upgrade you are doing.There are two types of upgrade or conversion: Direct and indirect.Indirect conversion involves adding one or two words to the already existing business name. In this case the CAC see the upgrade as registering a new company. The cost for this is the same as a new company registration.Direct conversion means you use the same name and only add “LTD” at the end. This will require closing down the business name and then applying for the conversion. This may cost double the time and fees of registering a new company.

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